Thursday, December 23, 2010

Abi and Me

I have a friend named, Abi. She used to live down the street, but now she lives an hour away.  I still get to visit her and have sleepovers.  I went to her house a few weekends ago and we had lots of fun.

This is me and Abi. I took this picture because we were having lots of fun.

This is a picture of me and Abi on Abi's bed.  Nate (Abi's little brother) has his arms around Abi.  He didn't want to be in the picture so he just put his arms around Abi and hid.  I took this picture using my timer on my camera and I like this picture because all of us were having fun and being silly.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Going to the Nutcracker

My mommy surprised me again this year with tickets to the Nutcracker.  We went to the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C.  My mommy took this picture of me in front of the theater.

Here is the Nutcracker that Clara had.  She put it at the front of the stage at the end of the ballet so that everybody could see it.  I like this picture because the Nutcracker looks like a brave man and he has his own spotlight.
This is my mommy in front of the board that says The Nutcracker will be showing.  I like this picture because it shows my mommy wearing fancy clothes.  Doesn't she look beautiful!?  

I had so much fun at The Nutcracker!