Sunday, April 3, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Today I went to my third ballgame!  Braves against Nationals.  Who's going to win?

This is me at the opening gate.  And Klondike got to come along too!

This is the view of the field from my seat with all of the Braves players in their positions.  It's really cool.
This is a batter from the Nationals who had just hit a ball.  He is running to first base, but I don't know which player it is.  I liked trying out some action shots today.

This is Jordan Zimmermann, the starting pitcher for the Nationals.  I like this picture because I got the shot when he was actually pitching.
This is a cute one of me (taken by my mom) waiting in line.  (It was a little tiring though!)

Now, here is the line we waited in.  At least we were in the first section of the line!

This is George Washington.  George walked all the way down the line and he walked right past me!
This is Abraham Lincoln.  The presidents always race around the field at the ball games, and I got to see them while I was waiting in line.  You might be wondering why I was waiting in line...

I got to run the bases after the game!!  I found a penny near the bullpen before we went out on the field and I high-fived Teddy (I am to the right of him in this pic), TJ and Screech the Mascot!  What a great day at the ballpark, even if the Nats lost. 


  1. Best blog post ever!Did you take those photos of the players, yourself? They are great! I can't believe you got to run the bases. So much fun!

  2. ..."even though the Nats lost" - that means the Braves WON! (I bet Bubbeh was happy!)

    I like this blog post a lot and I love the pictures, it feels like I was at the game with you!