Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Birthday at American Girl

In August Mommy and I went to Chicago to celebrate my birthday a little early.  We went to the American Girl store and I got to see ALL of the dolls.

This is a picture of Baby.  She is at the Hair Salon getting cleaned off.  I picked this picture because it is a cute picture of Baby having fun on our trip.

 My mom, Julie, Baby, and I ate lunch at the Cafe at the American Girl store.  I like this picture because it shows Julie and Baby having fun celebrating my birthday.  Look at their cute party hats!
 This is Julie, Baby and me sitting together at the Cafe.  Julie and Baby are drinking tea.  I was drinking pink lemonade.  I picked this picture because I am in the picture too and it shows us having fun for my birthday.


  1. Dear Caroline,

    I think you should blog about hiking with your mommy, tía Sally and amigo Ed! :)

    tía Sally

  2. So Jealous........... I really think my mom should work in this store!